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Bernini Amber NRB 275ml case

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Bernini Amber is a light, yet complex sparkling spritzer, made from wine with flavours and a delicate amber colour with bubbles. A deliciously subtle orange-gold in colour, Bernini Amber has a 4,5% alcohol volume and is best served cold.

Available in 275ml bottles, 500ml and 300ml cans.

Store in a cool dry place away from extreme conditions of light, heat and cold. Bottles can be stored unopened in original packaging and under controlled storage conditions for 12 months and cans for 8 months.


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GTIN: 16001108080834
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    the Amber did it for me ❤️

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  2. W

    I love Bernini Amber .. always refreshing

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  3. GM

    id recommend this product because it because it doesn’t have hang over

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    nice drink to chill with friends

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  5. T

    Best served chilled with the company of your girls on a Friday because Fridays are Frizzante Fridays

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