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Savanna Angry Lemon 2x (6x500ml)

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Firstly, our lemons aren’t really angry, it’s just a dope name.
So please don’t worry about our lemons – they’re living their
best lives.

Secondly, Savanna Angry Lemon is nothing more than the classic Savanna story with a zesty lemon plot twist. That refreshing apple flavour is still our hero, but this time it has an angry lemon sidekick.

And lastly, it’s back by very, very popular demand.


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  1. V

    I love it. Actually, I think I’m falling in love with savannaangry lemon

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  2. T

    always a good one I’m without anger on this product

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  3. S

    Great product for a quick refreshment on a Saturday afternoon while watching my wife mow the lawn….
    hahahahaha… 🙂

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  4. N

    Best flavor savanna has brought out so far

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  5. P

    Just exceptional it tastes great…. my favorite cider from now on ????❤️

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