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Savanna Dry NRB 12 x 500ml

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Savanna Premium Cider first Siyavanna’d in 1996. Damn, we’re older than Black Twitter. But you know in 27 years you lay down a lot of roots. And like the trees our apples are grown on, our roots go deep. Which means though a lot has changed since ’96 – the way we bring Savanna to the people hasn’t, and never will. Because Siyavanna South Africa.


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  1. N enjoyable and it does the work soo very quickly i truly enjoyed it

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  2. T

    If your looking for a crisp, great tasting cider this one is for you. One Savanna will have you folding the dishes lol

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  3. R(

    Savanna has been and will always be a great cider, my personal best of the best.. I managed to get the 12 pack when it was listed on the a lot for less deals which made it an even better purchase.
    It’s delicious crisp taste when ice cold will always make it very enjoyable and a go to cider..

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  4. C

    The 500ml bottles came in handy over the festive season. Nothing like an icecold Savanna Dry when you get back from a day at the beach.

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  5. JO

    Of course it’s a win! Premium cider. Love it! Hope for bigger specials in the near future

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