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J.C. Le Roux La Chanson



J.C. Le Roux’s Core Range consists of easy-drinking, diverse and tantalizing bubbly variants to suit every palate – from sweet to dry. The grapes are carefully selected to offer a unique and intriguing taste profile – from Sauvignon Blanc, through to more unconventional sparkling variants like Pinotage and Muscadel, offering vibrant bursts of flavours and sweetness.

A lively, ruby-red sparkling wine with a delightfully sweet palate of strawberries and plums. This exceptional sparkling wine will add exuberance to any occasion.

750 ml | 7.5% vol


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  1. L

    La Chanson is the sparkling wine of any occasion, whimsical subtle sweet notes, beautiful moments, laughs & zero hangovers.

    Love the choice I made with JC le Roux collection.

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  2. E

    Bit disappointed with the lack of CO2 in my sample. It was like drinking flat soda which accentuated the sweetness of the drink. The lack of CO2 was not enough to pop the cork.

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  3. C

    A nice way to toast a special occasion

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  4. S

    I love the light, slightly sweet and crisp taste. Would definitely recommend it if you like the sweeter ( but not too sweet) taste.

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  5. J

    Delivery on time and really enjoyed it. 5 star

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