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Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky 750ml

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Adding to the exceptional flavour profile and leading the innovation of whisky-making around the globe, Bain’s is distilled in column stills and uniquely double matured.

The whisky is matured in first-fill American Oak casks previously used for the maturation of bourbon, first for three years before being revatted into a fresh set of casks for a further 18 to 30 months.


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GTIN: 6001108044754
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  1. S

    Well what can one say, marvelous! Great whisky with a great taste at a great price!

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  2. J

    I have tried out a number of whiskeys from all over the world, Scottish, Irish, Indian, American South African etc. I keep coming back to the Brain’s single grain for general use. It’s well priced and certainly the best tasting SA whisky. Even kick sand in same of the international counterparts. I prefer to drink mine on ice with no additions.

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  3. C

    Bain’s should need no introduction, it is the best grain whiskey, Sweeter than barley

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    what can i say a smooth and soft drink excellent drink over a nice family braai.

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  5. W

    Love this one. Smooth to drink neat on ice

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